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It works in Safari. It works in Firefox. It used to work in Chrome. Refer to this Chrome support page for more details. As mentioned, this will not work from Chrome version 45 onwards. I personally dislike using the FortiClient software, because it tries to do more than what I need it to do, which is simply establishing a VPN connection.

However, I also dislike having to run two browsers, because at this time I still much prefer Chrome for my primarily web surfing needs. I think more critically it disables Java plugins as well — although mostly nobody in the modern web uses it anymore, but somehow all the trading platforms have stuck to it somehow for some components of their interfaces. Your email address will not be published.

Is there any log on your Fortigate? Have you tried openfortivpn to validate the problem? Thanks for the information about the CLI. When I tried to run it on amd64 it give the error Segmentation fault core dumped. I selected the connection and click on disconnect again even if it was disconnected. After that I was able to connect again. I realy like your official forticlient deb packages. I tried this GUI and it looks great but i cant get it to work. Hello, this sounds like something is wrong with your VPN-Server name.

Maybe there are Whitespace-chars included or other special chars.

The SSL VPN client

Have you checked your vpn-profile in text-mode? Try to open your profile with a text-editor and check the chars. Thank you very much for your application. After I had removed it, everything worked. In the logs I get a. It only happens when trying to run an rysnc over the VPN when I run into the problem. Please try out the latest version now 0. The application seems to work until i try to connect to the VPN. It does nothing. Tahnk you. I learned to set the app in Debug mode and it was possible to capture the app log when trying to connect to the VPN. I have the same problem on Debian 9, the program seems to do nothing.

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I tried and it worked. Anyone has an idea? I think that it is a perfect program that helps me work just every day.

Just, I just would like to have double click on a line fire the connection not the edition of a vpn. In the same idea, enter should fire a connection. But out of those small asks no ETA in there, just suggestions , just perfect.

FortiGate WebVPN At NUS SoC

I can connect through IP address but not the hostname 2. Need manually disconnect an reconnect the wifi again 3. So if its working on cmd it should work also in openFortiGUI. I have the same problem on ubuntu I saved the log of the connection and I had the debug mode ON: I see nothing weird, a lot of.

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But the logfile has less than lines in total. Any other traffic is caused by other programs on your computer. Maybe you ask your IT-department to use Wireshark or similiar to investigate vor details. Many thanks! Working like a charm under Ubuntu. Is there possibility to autoconnect VPN after system reboot? There is no option yet for autostart functionality. But i will record for future releases. Many thanks. That was really fast. Already installed new verision and everything seems working. My laptop is MIA, and I need to work from home tomorrow.

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  • The vpn says it is connected, however I am getting no dns from the destination network. Do i need to install the package openfortivpn from github? Or openfortigui has already installed it? I cant connect to colleage vpn. So there is not much space for text; in fact not enough. Could you please check on HDPI with window scaling set to e. We have some servers that have a postix URL e. Is that relevant for the settings?

    Where do you enter this? On Ubuntu Are you using the specific I could not reproduce the resolving issue until now. When i make a testinstall with a fresh Ubuntu Thanks for further hints. So, I believe this is the right one for Ubuntu I deleted my openfortigui profile and created all the connections again, but still, when I use domain name instead of IP address there will be no connection.

    #27 - Fortigate - FortiOS 5.6.3 - Configuring SSL VPN

    If I use IP the connections will be started without any problems. The Ubuntu Hi, This looks like a great product. Just wanted to confirm that someone has successfully built this on Centos 7. X and lived to tell about it? I just updated to version 0. Hi Rene, Thank you for your answer.

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    But still no luck. What am I missing? Thank you for your help. Best regards, hhllss. Hi, It is an Ubuntu Regards, hhlllss. Hi, But I have another PC with same install, when the resolv. Weird… I will try to find out what is going on. Regards, hhllss. INFO: Got addresses: [ INFO: Setting ppp interface down. INFO: Restoring routes….

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