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Make sure you type the old and new usernames correctly, then hit Return. You will be prompted to enter your admin account password. This command moves mv the entire folder from the old location to the new one, which in this case is effectively just a rename operation. When finished quit Terminal and System Preferences, then reboot your Mac. Upon restart the account name and home directory will both have been renamed to janedoe.

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This is a common setup for servers and can also be used on any system where you want to keep things separate, such as having the Operating System and Applications on a Solid State Drive and the user data on a larger but slower hard disk drive. As above, log out of the account to be changed and log in to a second admin account. In the Advanced dialog box leave the account name as is bobsmith but change the location of the Home directory. Using the Finder create a folder named Users on the Employees drive.

name is too long or includes some characters that are invalid on the..

Then, change the Home directory entry as follows:. Correct entry and spelling of this data is critical. Verify there are no typos, then click OK to save these changes.

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Terminal is your next step, and this time the files will actually be moved between the two hard drives. Open Terminal and at the command prompt type:. Enter your admin account password when prompted, then hit Return.

How to rename a Windows Drive that appears as Untitled in Mac OS X - BarTechTV

And if your Mac is experiencing problems, a bootable installer drive makes a handy emergency disk. Macworld also has bootable-install-drive instructions for Mavericks OS X I show you how, below. As with the Mavericks installer , if you leave the Yosemite beta installer in its default location in the main Applications folder when you install OS X If you plan to use that installer on other Macs, or—in this case—to create a bootable drive, be sure to copy the installer to another drive, or at least move it out of the Applications folder, before you install.

If you don't, you'll have to redownload the installer from the Mac App Store before you can create a bootable installer drive.

Removal for manual installs

The Disk Utility method is the way to go for people who are more comfortable in the Finder though it does require a couple Terminal commands , and it works under Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite. The Disk Utility-via-Terminal approach is for the shell junkies out there.

Follow this tutorial to properly format the drive. Your OS X user account must also have administrator privileges.

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Starting with Mavericks, hidden inside the OS X installer is a Unix program called createinstallmedia , provided by Apple specifically for creating a bootable installer drive. If you need to create a Yosemite beta install drive while booted into Snow Leopard, you should use the Disk Utility instructions, below.

You now have a bootable Yosemite install drive. Here are the steps for using it to create your installer drive. The procedure is a bit more involved with Yosemite than it was for Mavericks which was itself a bit more involved than under Mountain Lion and Lion. If you're a Terminal jockey, you likely know that most of Disk Utility's features can be accessed using shell commands—which means that you can perform the Disk Utility procedure using a few commands in Terminal.

If you like, you can rename the drive from its default name of OS X Base System to something more descriptive, such as Yosemite Installer.

renaming startup disk

Depending on how you made your installer drive, when you boot from that drive, you may even see the same OS X Utilities screen you get when you boot into OS X Recovery recovery mode. It is critical to fully read, understand, and follow the documentation for ChangeShortName. To correct this, do the following: Do not log out or restart your Mac. Rename your Home folder to its original name. For example, if the file name of your Home folder was johnsmith and you renamed it to John , rename your Home folder back to johnsmith.

This is to create a temporary backup copy of your old Library folder in case of a mistake in step 3.