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InfoRapid KnowledgeMap [27] achieves some of the same MindMap type organization, but is constructed to seem more like an outline. Inspiration [28] is a cross-platform Mac OS X , Windows and Palm visual learning application which recently version 8 introduced true mind-mapping support. MindCad Incubator [30] is a visual thinking tool for Mac OS X featuring multiple worksheets and the ability to link to external desktop documents and web pages. MindGenius [31] [32] is proprietary mind-mapping software for Windows with export capability.

Best Mind Mapping Software

Also with a helper program it is able to run on any dos PC. MindMapper [35] is a full-featured visual thinking and mind mapping tool for Microsoft Windows with interoperability with Microsoft Office. MyMind [37] is a mind mapper with built-in outlining functionality.

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It is "donationware" for Mac OS X. Nelements KOS [39] is a 3d mind mapping tool. Features include flexible branch shapes, a branch proposal system, integrated screenplay support, and OPML export OmniGraffle [40] is an outlining program that also diagrams. Mac OS X only.

OpenMind [41] is software used by British schools. PAUX [42] is a software to develop, manage and publicize dynamic individualized content by linking reusable semantic content objects semantically. These objects are to make knowledge available as filterable content for websites , Semantic Wiki , detailed- evaluated eLearning and individualized print media.

Mind Architect - mind mapping software for Mac OS X and Windows

The data model is a multi dimensional concept map. Currently v3 for Windows, v4 will include Mac and Linux. Pocket Mindmap [44] is mobile mind-mapping on the Pocket PC. SmartDraw [45] , a Visio-like product. Smart Ideas [46] is another visual diagramming tool with a unique "big picture" view. Spark- Space [47] comes in various editions for enterprise or education. Pre-configured building blocks include: Spider, Hierarchy, Clustering, and Chronology.

The VisualThesauras product is an example of the use of this technology.

Thinkgraph [49] is a currently free mind-mapping program for Windows Thinking with Pictures [50] is a visual thinking tool designed for children. VisiMap [51] is a Windows based mindmapping program with intuitive entry and a wealth of both text and graphic export functions. Exporting and sharing your mind maps to anyone instantly to facilitate your needs, no matter for meetings or reports.

10 Best Mind Mapping Software Tools for Better Brainstorming

From startups to Fortune companies, XMind is the best choice for teams working on any project. Ideas Grow on Trees. Free Download Buy Now. What makes XMind different? Amazing structures always help a lot.

Your browser does not support the video tag. Using a combination of different structures. Always being so stylish. Cross all your devices.

Export and share. Enterprise customers are happy :.

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Two Flagship Products. Rich Diagrams. Editing Mode. Compatible with Mobile. Learn more about XMind 8 Pro. How to effectively use XMind for project management? Several ways to share your XMind mind map with others. We use cookies to provide, improve, and promote our service.