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Thank you, it was very helpfull. Thanks so much. I had points taken off my last paper for this.

Google Docs

I couldn't seem to get the page numbers in the corner and the running head on the line at the same time. It seemed like it was so difficult, yet so easy. Thanks for all the help. I did have to redo the steps on page 2 cause it didn't automatically do the running head but the page number was there but it was good after I redid the steps for the header.

Thanks a million! I have been struggling to format my paper. It was not displaying the header and page number at the same time in Word Your explanation saved me.

Suppressing Headers or Footers (Microsoft Word)

My paper is due today! You made that so easy. Thank you very much. Thank you!!! The last time I was in school was 10 years ago. This was so frustrating to me figuring out a page number AND header - not the actual paper. Why is word so difficult? Thank you, those instruction saved me lots of time I did not have. I been trying to do this for 2 days. I wouldn't never figure it out.

I can write a paper like nobody's business, but for whatever reason the running header has never wanted to cooperate. I followed your instructions and viola!! It worked perfectly. Too bad this is my last paper before I graduate. Thank you-much appreciated! I'm using MS office and am still having issues. The numbers will not change per page and i have "different first page" checked.

I cannot get this to work at all, so frustrating. I spent an hour trying to do this myself, and then I found your step by step instructions. Microsoft did not make this process intuitive, but you provided an excellent walk through.

Add headers and footers in a word-processing document

Thanks again! I found this so helpful, thank you! However I cannot seem to get "Running Head" off of the other pages. When I delete it from page 2, it deletes from page 1 as well. Julie - If you are using Office or newer, I would just double check to make sure that the box for different first page is clicked. This is what will let you do the separate header on the first page. If you are still having problems, stop by the library and we'd be happy to work with you in person! I have word Ctect44 - If you are still having trouble, just stop by the library and we would be happy to help you!

Usually I can figure out stuff like this but this really stumped me so thank you so much for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for great instructions!!! Thank you so much for your clear explanations. What you get now is a big black screen. Can somebody type it out, like the one, please? Gamanin8 - Thank you for bringing the missing video to our attention! I have added the step by step instructions to this answer in place of the video. I have a paper due in a 6 PM and was having a terrible time with formatting the header with page numbers.

Your advice with perfect! Your step by step guide has saved my paper. You should get an award for most helpful FAQ on the internet. You made it so easy to do. This was driving me crazy and is much more complicated than needed, but now I can begin actually writing my paper now! Thank you for helping with APA title page and page numbering.

It's a bit tricky if you miss a step.

How to start the page numbering on (for example) page 3

It's much better to set up the title and page numbers before typing the paper. Thank you so much for your help. Your directions were easy to follow, unlike others that made it complicated. This was a huge help.

Well appreciated. A google search on how to do this brought me to you after I had attempted to do this on my own with no luck. You saved me time and taught me how to figure it out. Thanks so much! Add a public comment to this FAQ Entry. Contact Us! Email Us: library walsh. Like Us!

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Powered by Springshare ; All rights reserved. Report a tech support issue. In order to change the page margins or the paper size or orientation, the number of columns, or, in most cases, the content of the header or footer , you must insert a section break. For this reason, you may believe—and many people will be quick to tell you—that if you want to have different margins on the first page of a document or section, you must insert a section break.

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Not so! You should also know that any document or section can have up to three separate headers and footers. Figure 1. Header and Footer toolbar in Word showing button to access the Page Setup dialog. Figure 2. The Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog showing "Different first page" check box. Figure 3. How does that mean that you can change the top or bottom margin? The secret is that, when you increase the size of the header or footer beyond the top or bottom margin, it will push the document content down or up.