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Download the latest version of the mame-essentials package from the MAME package repository and install it using the pacman command. Install packages necessary to build MAME. For debugging you may want to install gdb. You can generate Visual Studio projects using make vs Note that this requires paths and environment variables to be configured so the correct Visual Studio tools can be located. The MSYS2 environment is still required to generate the project files, convert built-in layouts, compile UI translations, etc.

Make sure you get SDL2 2.

Me and Mark Publishing Blog | » SDL Tips for Mac OS X

Launch Xcode. It will download a few additional prerequisites. Let this run through before proceeding. Go to this site and download the Mac OS X. Lastly to begin compiling, use Terminal to navigate to where you have the MAME source tree cd command and follow the normal compilation instructions from above in All Platforms.

First, download and install Emscripten 1.

Lazy Foo' Productions

The make process will attempt to locate and include all dependencies necessary to produce a complete build including the specified driver s. However, sometimes it is necessary to manually specify additional files using commas if this process misses something. Emscripten supports compiling to WebAssembly with a JavaScript loader instead of all-JavaScript, and in later versions this is actually the default.

Other make parameters can also be used, e. Unfortunately this process is not automated and you will need to search the source tree to locate the files supplying the missing symbols. You may also be able to get away with ignoring the warnings if the code path referencing them is not used at run-time. If all goes well, a.

This file cannot be run by itself, but requires an HTML loader to provide it with a canvas to output to and pass in command-line parameters. The Emularity project provides such a loader. There are example. You will then need to place all of the following on a web server:.

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You need to use a web server instead of opening the local files directly due to security restrictions in modern web browsers. If the result fails to run, you can open the Web Console in your browser to see any error output which may have been produced e. Compiling the documentation will require you to install several packages depending on your operating system. From this point you can do make html or make latexpdf from the docs folder to generate the output of your choice. Typing make by itself will tell you all available formats.

This section summarises some of the more useful options recognised by the main makefile. You use these options by appending them to the make command, setting them as environment variables, or adding them to your prefix makefile. Also note that GENie does not automatically rebuild affected files when you change an option that affects compiler settings.

Name of a makefile to include for additional options if found defaults to useroptions. May be useful if you want to quickly switch between different build configurations.

Important note

Set to change the name of the subfolder used for project files, generated sources, object files, and intermediate libraries defaults to build. Set to 1 to show full commands when using GNU make as the build tool. This option applies immediately without needing regenerate project files. Set to 1 to skip the working tree scan and not attempt to embed a git revision description in the version string.

This sets the target C compiler command when cross-compiling.

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Set the linker command. This sets the target linker command when cross-compiling. Set to 1 to use separate host and target compilers and linkers, as required for cross-compilation. Set to 1 to build additional tools along with the emulator, including unidasm , chdman , romcmp , and srcclean. Windows or MacOS , or to 0 to disable it.

The process depends on the platform. Set to 1 to disable treating compiler warnings as errors. This may be needed in marginally supported configurations. Set to 0 to disable deprecation warnings note that deprecation warnings are not treated as errors. Patrick Oscity Patrick Oscity As n0rd alludes to, you only need support for standard image formats at compile-time.

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Installing SDL and the SDL project templates

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